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me I’m Ijonas Kisselbach and somehow you’ve reached my blog at So I thought it best if I give you some background information on who you’re dealing with.

I was born in April 1972, in Holland to a Dutch mother and a German father. I spent my early childhood in Southern Africa (Rhodesia and South Africa) before emigrating back to Holland in 1982.

I went to high school at the European School Bergen in Holland and San Diego High in the USA.
I got a Bachelor’s from the University of Glasgow in 1995 after four years of partial effort having made things difficult for myself by enjoying my first year too much.

Spent the time since 1995 working in IT in Scotland in various guises – programmer, technical architect, head of development, failed chief technology officer (CTO), currently succeeding CTO.

I currently work for Vamosa, a software company based in Glasgow with offices in Boston. I’m the CTO there, responsible for developing the ideas and designing the software that allows Global 2000 companies to migrate large legacy web and document managements to new ones.

That’s it! That’s as much as currently springs to mind…
Oh yeah, one last thing! My current biggest weakness is t-shirts. I crave cool t-shirts. I’m still toying with the idea to set up a t-shirt site. Keep you posted.


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  1. Dear Ijonas,
    In 1980’s I worked with your mother at Hoogovens (sales dept. packaging steel). She often talked about you and also that you were studying at the European school in Bergen. Now, being a mother myself of two grown up boys I suddenly thought about Anneke and her stories. I found your site with google. Please give my best regards to Anneke from Monique Schilling (maybe she remembers me). kind regards, Monique

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